Results Show We Don’t Need The DEA: Bolivian Interior Minister

Bolivia’s current drug control strategy has proven far more effective in combating drugs than anything seen before and it’s better

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Bolivia Recovers Vehicles Stolen by Guaido’s ‘Diplomats’ During Añez Regime

Bolivian police have managed to recover several vehicles from the Venezuelan embassy that were sold by the crime mafia of

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Bolivia Eradicated a Record Number of Surplus Coca Crops in 2021

Bolivia has exceeded expectations in the eradication of illicit coca crops for 2021, registering a record 9,457 hectares, having recovered

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Bolivia Arrests 7 Armed Coup Supporters

Bolivia’s Interior Minister, Eduardo del Castillo, announced today that police have captured seven members of the fascist group ‘Union Juvenil

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Raids Uncover New Evidence of Añez Corruption Mafia

Ten raids carried out in three Bolivian departments have resulted in the seizure of new evidence in the investigation around

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