Bolivia Recovers Vehicles Stolen by Guaido’s ‘Diplomats’ During Añez Regime

Bolivian police have managed to recover several vehicles from the Venezuelan embassy that were sold by the crime mafia of the self-proclaimed US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaidó, who was recognized in 2019 and 2020 by the self-proclaimed coup president Jeanine Añez.

“On different dates and through various raids carried out, it was possible to recover 12 of the 34 stolen and/or sold vehicles stolen by people who arrived illegally by Mr. Juan Guaidó, including eight vans, one car, one bus, one motorcycle and one minibus”, detailed Bolivian Interior Minister, Eduardo Del Castillo in a press conference held Monday.

In total, there are 34 missing vehicles registered by the Venezuelan embassy, ​​​​after carrying out an inventory and an audit, including 15 vans, two cars, one bus, five vans, seven motorcycles, two minibuses and two trucks.

Guaido had sent several false diplomats of his US-assembled parallel government to Bolivia once Añez took power during the November 2019 coup.

“As far as we understand, Mr. César Hernández, a former embassy official, was the one who illegitimately appropriated four vehicles and with a broker, falsified purchase and sale testimonials and illegally marketed these vehicles, achieving their change of RUAT with the Municipal Autonomous Government of Caracollo through a processor,” he said.

Castillo says that the police will continue the investigations to locate the other vehicles that were stolen, as well as all the authors of “this shameful fact that is unfortunate for the history of the diplomacy of both peoples.”

Bolivia restored diplomatic relations with the legitimate government of Venezuela in November 2020, immediately following the inauguration of President Luis Arce and the Venezuelan embassy in La Paz has been returned to the Ambassador and diplomats appointed by President Nicolas Maduro, accredited in Bolivia.

By Kawsachun News with information from the Interior Ministry

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