Añez’s Defense Manages to Stall Trial

A Bolivian court has annulled the order to open the trial against Jeanine Añez and others implicated in the Golpe de Estado II case, thus postponing the start of the trial.

The hearing to initiate the trial had been installed on Wednesday morning, but the trial process did not begin, due to previous observations made by the parties.   

The opening order had been challenged by the defense, due to the fact that it was issued by a substitute court and that one of the judges issued a dissenting vote. After deliberation the court decided to annul the opening order issued on January 18. The courts will need to issue a new date for the beginning of the process.

In addition to Añez, the former Commander of the Armed Forces, Williams Kaliman, as well as the members of his command, Flavio Arce San Martín, Jorge Terceros, Gonzalo Jarjury, Pastor Mendieta, Jorge Fernández, and Carlos Orellana, who was commander after Kalimán, are accused. Former Police Commander Yuri Calderón is also being tried.

They are accused of the crimes of breach of duties and resolutions contrary to the Constitution, for the events that led to Jeanine Añez assuming the presidency in the 2019 coup.

Hundreds of people gathered in the center of La Paz demanding the conviction and maximum penalty of 30 years for the former dictator.

By Kawsachun News

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