Bolivian Agricultural Production Company created to strengthen food sovereignty

Bolivia’s MAS government has created the Bolivian Agricultural Production Company through decree to strengthen food sovereignty and boost agricultural production.

“Today we approve Supreme Decree 4701, which creates the Bolivian Agricultural Production Company, with the strategic mission of strengthening our food sovereignty, boosting the market and the economy through agricultural production, and generating surpluses for the Bolivian people,” posted President Luis Arce.

This company, which will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands, will have the purpose of generating economic surpluses to promote productive economic development to finance the country’s social policies. Its main activity will be the production, processing and transformation of agricultural and livestock products, as well as the marketing of its products in the domestic and foreign markets.

According to Minister of Rural Development and Lands Remmy Gonzales, the company will be in charge of producing different crops and covering the deficit in food production, with aims to ensure food sovereignty for Bolivians. The authority clarified that the government doesn’t intend to compete with entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, but to establish actions to support and promote food production.

The MAS government is also taking measures to encourage wheat production. Minister Gonzales said that actions are being implemented through the National Wheat Program and that the purchase of wheat grain production from the winter agricultural campaign will be guaranteed.

Since returning to power in November 2020, the MAS government has prioritized economic recovery and national production to ensure sovereignty through self-sustainability. President Luis Arce’s administration is now doubling down on its efforts given the volatility of prices internationally since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and the subsequent implementation of sanctions by the United States and its allies.

By Kawsachun News

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