Pedro Castillo Appoints Socialist As Prime Minister

President Pedro Castillo has appointed Guido Bellido as Prime Minister, the second most powerful role in government. Bellido is a senior leader for the socialist Perú Libre party. The move is a first sign from the new President on the direction of his government. 

Guido Bellido is the General Secretary for Perú Libre in the city of Cusco. He’s indigenous Quechua and an economist by profession. The party labels itself as Marxist-Leninist and presented Pedro Castillo as its presidential candidate, despite that Castillo was not a member of the party prior to the campaign. 

Perú Libre invited him in due to the high profile he gained as a leader of the 2017 teachers’ strikes. Many believed that since Castillo was not a member, he would govern to the right of what the party was hoping for. The appointment of Bellido shatters some of those hopes of the opposition and of Castillo’s more centrist supporters. 

Bellido is a close ally of Vladimir Cerrón, leader of Perú Libre, who has been endlessly vilified by the country’s media barons due to his policy positions which include support for Cuba and Venezuela, as well as sweeping nationalizations. 

Elite interests are hoping that social democratic economist Pedro Francke will be appointed Economy Minister as he’s been seen as a moderating influence within the left for a number of years. 

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