Peru Prime Minister Vows To Fight Sexism & Homophobia

Peru’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Guido Bellido, has stated his commitment to fighting all forms of discrimination including misogyny, homophobia,

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Pedro Castillo Appoints Socialist As Prime Minister

President Pedro Castillo has appointed Guido Bellido as Prime Minister, the second most powerful role in government. Bellido is a

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The Imminent Coup In Peru

Legal maneuvers and delays, presented by the far-right, are pushing Peru closer to a coup with each passing day. It’s

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Peru Elects Pedro Castillo – ONPE Count Reaches 100%

Pedro Castillo has been elected President at the conclusion of the vote count by Peruvian electoral authorities. The National Office

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Pedro Castillo Thanks Bolivia, Argentina, and Nicaragua For Recognizing Win

Peru’s Pedro Castillo has thanked Presidents Luis Arce, Alberto Fernández, and Daniel Ortega, during an address to his supporters this

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Keiko Fujimori Seeks Nullification of 200,000 Votes

The losing candidate in Sunday’s presidential election in Peru, Keiko Fujimori, has begun the process to appeal for the nullification

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