Peru Elects Pedro Castillo – ONPE Count Reaches 100%

Pedro Castillo has been elected President at the conclusion of the vote count by Peruvian electoral authorities.

The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) announced this afternoon that 100% of electoral voting records had been counted in the second round of the presidential election.

Castillo won by a margin of 44,058 votes, receiving a total of 8,835,579 (50.125%) votes, while Fujimori received 8,791,521 (49.875%).

Castillo’s left-wing Peru Libre party and supporters have long anticipated an official declaration by the ONPE since 100% of electoral records were announced to have been processed on Thursday, June 10th. Despite today’s completion of the vote tallying process, electoral authorities have yet to declare the victory.

Keiko Fujimori has signaled that she has no intention to concede and has vowed to challenge the election result through legal channels and with a team of high-powered attorneys. The three-time losing candidate is also counting on the support of the country’s major news media networks and political establishment.

The daughter of 1990s dictator Alberto Fujimori has also sought to rally her far-right base in the streets to guard against ‘communism’ which they see represented by the rural teacher and his base.

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