Bolivian state increases its stockpile of maize

Livestock farmers will be guaranteed a supply of maize through the Bolivian state in order to maintain the cost of chicken, pork and dairy, and avoid any price hikes for Bolivians as food prices soar globally.

The state food production company, Food Production Support Company (EMAPA), is planting more than 14,000 hectares of maize and expects to harvest 56,000 tons this year.

“It’s land (in Santa Cruz) that the government provided for Emapa to plant maize. We’re guaranteeing the supply of grain for the agricultural sector. We have 21,900 tons in the silos and we will continue to increase the volume to exceed the 100,000 tons that are planned to be stocked at Emapa,” said the manager of EMAPA, Franklin Flores. 

All measures are being taken for the state-owned company to stockpile this volume in addition to the 100,000 tons it plans to buy this year from medium and small producers. Citizens are being asked to formally denounce any price speculation related to the cost of corn, chicken and pork meats. 

The cost of several other common foods is also being regulated by the state to ensure that Bolivians can maintain normal consumption habits without change.

Fuel prices are also expected to be maintained in Bolivia and the country is boosting fertilizer exports while also guaranteeing the provision of wheat to bakeries.

The effects of the situation in Ukraine continue in Europe for populations subject to neoliberal schemes. People are facing increasing prices and empty shelves due to difficulties purchasing food products given their heavy reliance on Russia and Ukraine, both or which are critical providers of wheat, corn, and sunflower seed.

By Kawsachun News

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