Two Bolivian Generals Admit Guilt in Coup Charges

Two former Bolivian military generals have filed for an abbreviated procedure, which requires the accused to admit guilt, for charges they face for participating in the 2019 coup against the elected government of Evo Morales. 

“There are two people, Jarjury and Terceros, who asked the Prosecutor’s Office to issue a sentence through the abbreviated procedure; this is an acknowledgment of responsibility and guilt”, said Bolivia’s Justice Minister Ivan Lima in a press conference yesterday. 

Gonzalo Terceros, was the Commander of the Bolivian Air Force, and Palmiro Jarjury was the Commander of the Naval Forces. 

Both are being charged with sedition, conspiracy, and failing to guarantee the exercise of power by an elected President, and allowing official symbols, such as the Presidential sash, to be placed on an illegal self-declared ‘President’. 

General Terceros is facing an extra charge for having authorized airlifts for Jeanine Añez and other pro-coup Senators, so that they could install the illegal session in La Paz on November 12th at which Añez declared herself President. 

The admission of guilt from Terceros and Jarjuy, for having participated in the coup, will weaken the defense of Añez and others who claim that no such coup took place.

By Kawsachun News

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