Chilean Gonzalo Lira was taken by SBU, says he’s “OK”

Chilean-American and Kharov resident Gonzalo Lira, who went missing from a week ago, has appeared in a live streamed video and says he’s “okay” after being taken by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) on Friday, April 15th.

Lira appeared in the four minute video, speaking journalist Alex Christoforou on The Duran channel on YouTube saying his phone and computer had been taken away and doesn’t have access to his accounts. The vlogger, filmmaker and writer described himself as “discombobulated” and said that while he couldn’t say more publicly, he’s been told by the SBU that he cannot leave the city. Below is a transcript of what he said:

It’s Friday, April 22, 2022. I’m in Kharkov. I’m okay.

I just want to say that I’m back online and I’m here with Alex Christoforou. I just want to say that I’m fine. Physically, I’m a little rattled. I was picked up by the SBU on Friday, April 15th at a little after 1 p.m. local time.

I’m okay physically. I’m a little rattled. There seems to have been like a lot of interest in my case, which is wonderful. Thank you. But there are a lot of other people who are frankly more deserving of the attention. I’ve highlighted them in my Twitter feed, @realGonzaloLira. Those people matter more because we don’t know where some of them are, some of them are have passed away.. well some of them were killed, but the other ones, we don’t know where they are so they matter more. I’m okay.

I don’t have my computer and I don’t have my phone and and so anything that was published or posted on the Gonzalo Lira YouTube channel, the Coach Red Pill YouTube channel, the @realGonzaloLira Twitter feed and (telegram feed) after April 15th just discount it because it was not me. I did not have access to those accounts and I still don’t for that matter. And I don’t have my cell phone or access to my email accounts. I created a new one and that’s how I got in touch with Alex and I’ve been in touch with of course, I reached out to my family members, the people close to me and I’m telling them that I’m okay. In some cases I’m waiting for their reply because it’s three in the morning, four in the morning over there.

I’m okay, physically, I’m okay.

I don’t have anything that I can say publicly other than I’m okay and thank you for the concern because I’ve been like checking out on Internet some of the stuff that is being said about me and I appreciate so much the kind wishes and the the all the thoughtfulness that so many people and I very much appreciate it. But I’m still in Kharkov and for the time being I cannot leave. The authority here has told me that I cannot leave the city. But I’m okay, none the worse for wear and I’m rambling and I’m sorry about that. You know, it’s I’m a little bit discombobulated, as you can imagine, but I will come up with something clever to say. So I’m going to end here. Just, Alex, thank you so much and just cut it out now because because I’m just.. thank you.

By Kawsachun News

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