Exclusive: Lula Adviser Celso Amorim on China Trip

Lula and a delegation of 240 officials and Brazilian business people are preparing to head to China for a key state visit. Kawsachun News heard exclusively from presidential advisor Celso Amorim, who was Brazil’s former Foreign Minister during three previous administrations. Below is a transcription of Amorim’s remarks.

“President Lula’s trip to Beijing and Shanghai is very important, the reaffirmation of important friendship ties for a strategic partnership. It’s worth remembering that it is the third trip – it can be said that the first was Argentina and Uruguay at once.

Then we were in the United States and this is the first trip outside the American continent.

Thus reflecting the importance that it has not only commercially, but also scientifically and technologically. Our scientific, technological, cultural relationship. Our relationship with China.

The expectation that new deals can be done and that the two countries can also agree on lines of action that contribute to the solution of major world problems, such as the climate, global warming, issues related to pandemics. That there are also important steps in eliminating inequality. And, last but not least, of the two countries, it is clear that China is perhaps more capable than us, but that the two countries can contribute to the restoration of peace in Europe.”

By Kawsachun News

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