Fernández: Argentina wants full diplomatic ties with Venezuela

Argentina is taking a first step to recover full diplomatic ties with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. At a joint press conference with Ecuadorian president Guillermo Lasso, President Alberto Fernández said that the two had agreed to propose a call for fraternity, from CELAC, among Latin American and Caribbean states in order to “allow all of us to regain the full links that, due to the times that preceded us, were broken and that today we definitely need to recover.”

“It’s very difficult to think of a Latin America that integrates, and a Caribbean that integrates with Latin America, if our diplomacy does not work smoothly. We think that the time has also come to talk about Venezuela, which is a recurring topic and as a first step Argentina wants to recover its full diplomatic ties with Venezuela. It’s a step we are taking and I really call on all Latin American countries to review it,” said Fernández.

The president cited the collaboration between the Venezuelan government and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and what Fernández deemed as “progress in its electoral process” following agreements reached by the Contact Group. Notwithstanding Argentina’s own severe problems, Fernández went on to say that “it’s time to help Venezuela to fully recover its normal functioning as a country and as a society through dialogue. The truth is that we are not going to achieve this if we leave it alone, without ambassadors and without our attention. That is our position.”

The president is also encouraging Ecuador to follow in its footsteps on a day when Argentina is celebrating it’s 100th day presiding as President Pro Tempore of CELAC: “I call on all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to rethink this and this proposal is also being made today to President Lasso.”

Lasso avoided making any remarks on Venezuela in his statements before the press but stressed the efforts which would be necessary in order to for CELAC to become like the European Union. When asked by a reporter, Lasso replied saying, “First of all, I confirm that I welcome President Fernández’s call for the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean, choosing CELAC as the multilateral platform to achieve that unity. In relation to the particular case of Venezuela, it’s an issue that we are going to analyze, we are going to consider, we are not ready to make a decision yet, but we welcome President Fernández’s call.”

He also also stated that Ecuador maintains its “traditional” support for Argentina on the Malvinas, saying the only thing left “is to ratify that official position of Ecuador.”

By Kawsachun News

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