Nicaragua: Russia’s HRC Suspension Violates International Law

Nicaragua says the exclusion and suspension of Russia’s membership from the Human Right Council constitutes an aggression and a violation of international law. The Ministry of Foreign Relations of Nicaragua released the following statement following Thursday’s vote in the UN General Assembly.

Press Release

Nicaragua has expressed in International Forums and Organizations its vocation and permanent commitment toward Peace in the World and the Dialogue Mechanisms to promote it, as well as its support for all humanitarian efforts that must be undertaken, with respect and neutrality, in the face of conflicts that put at risk Safety and Life in all of its forms.

As a Member of the United Nations Organization, we reiterate that it is the duty of all Nations to promote friendly relations based on respect for the Principle of Equal Rights, and for this reason we firmly believe that any action aimed at excluding or suspending the participation of the Countries and their Governments, in the different International Organizations, constitutes a violation of Human Rights and an aggression against their Peoples, a violation of International Law, incompatible with the Charter of the United Nations.

We have condemned, and will continue to condemn all forms and modalities of conflagration, being clear that Peace and Dialogue are the only Paths to truly promote the Life that all Citizens of the Planetary Community deserve.

The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of the Republic of Nicaragua will continue raising its voice in the United Nations, in the struggle for Peace and the establishment of a just international order.

Managua, 8th April, 2022
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of Reconciliation and National Unity Republic of Nicaragua

The statement can be downloaded below in both English and Spanish.

By Kawsachun News

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