OAS ‘Murderer’ Almagro Confronted on Bolivia Coup

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro had a meltdown on Tuesday as he was confronted by a U.S. activist of the Party for Socialism and Liberation on his role in the 2019 coup in Bolivia.

Almagro was called a murderer, not only for backing the dictatorship of Jeanine Añez, but was also condemned for his role in trying to install failed coup leader Juan Guaido in Venezuela and for pushing for unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela.

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The full video of the disruption of Almagro’s event at the ASU California Center can be watched on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Below is a quick transcript of what was expressed by the activist.

“Luis Almagro, you have blood on your hands! Because of your lies there was a coup in Bolivia. A coup against a democratically elected government. And that dictatorship that you helped install massacred 36 people, 36 innocent people who were protesting the restoration of democracy, the restoration of the independence of their country. In the towns of Sacaba and Senkata, people were protesting peacefully, indigenous people, workers, women, students, demanding the restoration of that democracy that you helped destroy. Destroy so that the United States could plunder their resources. Gold, all of the mineral resources, the gas of Bolivia, and corporations and Wall Street and the United States will loot the resources of Bolivia.

You helped install a dictatorship that would facilitate that looting. In Sacaba and Senate, dozens of people were massacred by (..) dictatorship. One of the people that your dictatorship murdered was a journalist, Sebastian Moro, he was a journalist, who was exposing the lies that you are telling and exposing the truth, the truth about the coup that you orchestrated. And he was beaten to death in his apartment. And now you come here and dare to lecture about freedom about democracy, about human rights. You have no shame. You’re a murderer, you’re a puppet of the United States. A puppet of the United States. In Venezuela too, you dared, you dared to support the coup attempted that Juan Guaido ridiculously, outrageously tried to attempt and declare himself the president of Venezuela. What a lie. What a lie.

The majority of people in Venezuela had never even heard of Juan Guaido and yet you said that he’s the president and I believe you still ridiculously say that Juan Guaido is the president of Venezuela. That is an outrageous insult and insult to the democracy and the sovereignty of the people of Venezuela. How dare you do this? You murderer, you murdered people in Bolivia. You murderer who supports the sanctions on Venezuela. You are nothing, nothing but a murderer and you have no shame here to come and talk about human rights to lecture the whole world, the whole hemisphere. You lecture the whole hemisphere about democracy and freedom of the press when Sebastian Moro, an Argentine journalist was in Bolivia, an Argentine journalist was in Bolivia was telling the truth about the coup and he was killed. You’re here to lecture about media freedom when you installed a dictatorship that murdered journalists and innocent people; workers, indigenous people and students..”

By Kawsachun News

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