Venezuela Neutralizes Terrorist Attack on PDVSA Refinery

Venezuela has neutralized an act of terrorism and sabotage which sought to cause catastrophic damage to PDVSA’s El Palito refinery in the state of Carabobo.

Tareck El Aissami made the attack known from the refinery located in Puerto Cabello, on the Venezuelan Caribbean. He was accompanied by the manager of the refinery, Engineer Ramón Kurapica and other managers of operations, maintenance and other systems, and by Brigadier General Carlos Terán, head of PDVSA’s Integral Security Directorate, and the head of the Technical Investigation Team that detected the sabotage that we denounce today.

“We want to inform Venezuela and the people of the world that we have neutralized an alleged act of sabotage, as I have already indicated, which sought to cause catastrophic damage to these PDVSA facilities, to this refinery,” said El Aissami.

President Nicolás Maduro had recently indicated that such an attempt with plans made from Colombia, with the consent and complicity of Colombia’s outgoing president Ivan Duque.

The Minister continued: “Here, inside our facilities we have detected manipulations that were made in the electrical system and we will be detailing all the findings that we have been able to identify in a timely manner (..) we have our electrical systems and in the main substation of the refinery we located a cabinet where the protection systems were deliberately manipulated. This manipulation was done so that in the event of any failure that might have occurred in the refinery’s electrical system, the protection systems would have been inhibited from acting and would have resulted in the explosion of the main substation, which would not only have left the entire refinery without electrical service, but also an explosion inside these facilities.”

“The consequence was the total explosion of the refinery. Not only the destruction of the physical facilities of this powerful, strategic refinery, in the center of the country but also the lives of our workers would also have been in danger.”

“We denounce before the world this sabotage which has been neutralized, thanks to God, thanks to the deep conscience of the oil workers, the technical capacity of our engineers, of our teams, we have managed to clear this threat and here we have redoubled security and we are now carrying out expertise throughout the entire electrical system and other operational systems of the El Palito refinery to guarantee the operational stability to continue producing fuel for our people,” assured the authority.

The video released today by the Bolivarian government from Minister Tareck El Aissami can be seen on Venezuela News.

By Kawsachun News

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