President Maduro: ‘Thank God Venezuela was Removed from SWIFT’

Venezuela is happy to be out of the SWIFT system and President Nicolas Maduro says they aren’t looking back.

Instead, Venezuela stands ready to adopt a new financial and monetary system and is looking to BRICS countries and others will be responding to the United States and Europe and their use of the banking system for geopolitical blackmail and regime change.

President Maduro touched on the subject at a Wednesday evening event in which he hosted accredited ambassadors at the Miraflores palace.

“Venezuela was removed from the SWIFT system, thank God, and we don’t want to go back. We don’t want to go back. We are quite fine as we are, outside the system. But we were removed for political, partisan ideological reasons so that the government would collapse, so that an economic catastrophe would be created to seek regime change. That’s why we were kicked out of the system. And here we are, alive, breathing, smiling, happy and working,” said the President.

“The Venezuelan state has been prohibited from using the dollar, the dollar currency. An international exchange currency should not be used for geopolitical or political blackmail. It has to be a currency with stability that can withstand any circumstance of world conflict, whatever it may be and be respected, and where all countries of the world have equal access.”

While Venezuela has been focused on furthering its economic recovery, the President sees potential for a new system on the horizon.

“BRICS has been carrying out important initiatives for the configuration of a new financial system, the configuration of a new monetary system. A new financial system that opens the doors and floodgates to all the countries of the world. A new financial system that does not use international banking as a political instrument to attack countries or to seek regime change, as has been sought in Venezuela,” said President Maduro.

The Head of State also expressed optimism for the upcoming Venezuela-Nicaragua High Level Mixed Commission, where he says the two countries will work on major issues of cooperation in food production, energy, commercial and scientific cooperation, health, multilateral cooperation and triangular cooperation.

Speaking before the South African ambassador, President Maduro accepted the South African government’s invitation for a visit to his country in the near future, headed by the President himself. “We’re going to South Africa to continue building the relationship with Mother Africa.”

By Kawsachun News

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