Brazil’s Supreme Court Rules Lula Free to Run in 2022 Election

The Supreme Court of Brazil has ruled that former President Lula da Silva maintains the right to run for office.  

In an 8 to 3 decision, the Federal Supreme Court has upheld the decision to annul all of the proceedings which had been conducted by Sergio Moro against Lula within the Lava Jato case. Lula is therefore innocent, has no convictions, enjoys full civil and political rights, and will be able to contest the 2022 presidential elections.

The Supreme Court ruled that the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba had no territorial jurisdiction over the cases of the Triplex, the Sítio de Atibaia and the alleged Lula Institute property.

Analysts say it would be difficult for this decision to be reversed in time to make Lula ineligible for the next presidential elections.

Lula, a victim of lawfare like many other prominent leftist politicians of the region, was jailed in 2018 in order to prevent the Workers’ Party from winning back power, following the 2016 coup against President Dilma Rouseff. The decision comes exactly five years after the start of the coup against Dilma Rousseff.

Sergio Moro, the former judge who politically persecuted Lula under the guise of ‘anti-corruption,’ known to be a close U.S. ally, is now the suspect in a felony criminal investigation for violating the principle of judicial impartiality.

The former President has not announced his intention to run for office but is the hands-down most popular political figure in Brazil and his Workers’ Party remains the largest political force in the country.

A poll released by Data Poder on Wednesday, shows voters greatly favoring Lula over Jair Bolsonaro in voter intention, giving Lula an 18 point advantage in a second round scenario.

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