Results Show We Don’t Need The DEA: Bolivian Interior Minister

Bolivia’s current drug control strategy has proven far more effective in combating drugs than anything seen before and it’s better for Bolivians. 

Interior Minister Eduardo Del Castillo had that and more to say, during his morning press conference, in response to a right-wing campaign calling for the return of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to Bolivia.

“When the DEA was in our country, there were more than 33 coca leaf growers who lost their lives in our country. Hundreds and hundreds of coca growers were wounded by the DEA. We’re talking about more than 567 people. This repressive policy, which was also established by (Jeanine Añez’s Minister) Arturo Murillo, has now ceased to exist in our country.”

Del Castillo says the results on drug seizures speak for themselves: Whereas the DEA seized twelve tons of cocaine per year; the Bolivian government was able to carry out twenty tons in cocaine seizures, recognized by the European Union and the countries of the region. The DEA carried out an average of 6,600 operations over a period of ten years, while President Luis Arce executed 9,400 operations.

“We have proven with results that it is not necessary for the DEA to enter the national territory. We don’t need a repressive policy. We need a policy that is coordinated between government authorities and the social control that exists within the national territory. Therefore, any attempt for the DEA, with its repressive policy, to enter the national territory is disqualified,” stated the Interior Minister.

In recent weeks, reports by the DEA have criticized Bolivia’s approach to tackling drug production, despite the fact that Bolivia produces far fewer quantities of coca leaf and cocaine than Peru and Colombia, two countries in which the DEA operates. Evo Morales has warned the Bolivian government that the United States is spying on and targeting him and other union leaders of the 6 Federations of the Trópico of Cochabamba.

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By Kawsachun News

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